Out of all the people involved in a wedding, your Wedding Officiant can truly help make (or break) your special day. Your Wedding Officiant sets the tone and feel of your ceremony, so it is important to choose a Wedding Officiant wisely.  Choosing a Wedding Officiant is personal and unique to each couple, but here are the three most common things couples look for:

Simply put, you can not get married without your Wedding Officiant.  Does your Wedding Officiant inspire confidence in you that they will show up on time and perform a quality wedding ceremony for you? Do you feel you are in good hands with your Wedding Officiant? Do they have backups, just in case?

Although you may only spend a short period of time with your Wedding Officiant, you will want to feel a connection between you and your Wedding Officiant. Does your Wedding Officiant reflect your values?

Believe it or not, there are Wedding Officiants who treat their roles as a job.  Although they may have performed a million ceremonies, this is a special day for you.  Does your Wedding Officiant sincerely care about making your day special? Is your Wedding Officiant flexible and willing to do the little things that make all the difference?